17 Spectacular Things To Do This September In Philly

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17 Spectacular Things To Do This September In Philly

It’s September already?!

Summer flew by didn’t it! Now it’s back to work or school and getting refocused. There are still a lot of things to do around the city now that summer is calming down and fall is approaching. Below is a list of 17 spectacular activities and opportunities to do around the city this month!

1. Reserve your FREE tickets for this spectacular 3D light festival with world-class artists coming to NY

The world’s top projection mapping artists are joining forces to give you a mesmerizing outdoor experience! On September 10 and 11, the 3D light show will transform the buildings of Binghamton NY into cinematic masterpieces! It makes the perfect fall weekend getaway, just three hours north of Philadelphia. And it’s completely free to attend! Reserve your spot here. ⭐️ Sponsored⭐️

2. Feast on BBQ at Philly Egg Fest

On Saturday, September 18, indulge in some delicious smoky barbecue right outside the Salter’s Fireplace & Outdoor Living Hatfield showroom which is a renovated firehouse from 1924. Bring your family and friends as the community comes together over live music, games, raffle prizes like the YETI Tundra 45, an Eggfest t-shirt, a Salter’s hat, and a Salter’s apron. All of this with of course delicious barbecue! Meats will be perfectly cooked and seasoned on Big Green Egg barbecue grills by local Pitmasters who are absolute grill masters! Buy your tickets here to spend an awesome Saturday! ⭐Sponsored⭐️

Where: Salter’s Fireplace & Outdoor Living 56 E. Broad Street, Hatfield PA, 19440

3. Enjoy a dazzling candlelit concert that celebrates Queen

This month, a new candlelit concert by a string quartet will be performing classical pieces by Queen and other musicians at the iconic ONE North Broad Masonic Temple and Library! The venue will be lit by the soft glow of candlelight as classical renditions of legendary songs fill the air and waltz you. This beautifully unique concert will be a romantic experience and a night you won’t ever forget! Buy your tickets here!

4. Immerse yourself in the world of Army of the Dead with this mixed reality experience

Viva Las Vengeance is a new immersive experience based on the Netflix original film Army of the Dead by Zack Snyder. The experience allows you to take on the role of a mercenary and fight your way through hordes of zombies in mixed reality. This experience will be touring around the US and will be in Philadelphia for a few weeks only! Sign up for the waitlist now!

5. Dine in the dark

Imagine sampling a three-course meal completing in the dark. Your other senses will be heightened with the absence of sight, making the food taste more intense. This special and unique event will serve you a meal that you will savor without your sight, by being blindfolded and only using your taste buds and sense of smell to enjoy the meal in front of you. Reserve your ticket here!

6. Have a drink at this Cold War Submarine themed Tiki Bar

I bet you’ve never been to a Cold War submarine-themed tiki bar before! This 90-minute immersive experience in a submarine-themed bar will serve you three signature cocktails matching the theme of the Cold War era with and kitschy décor. Enjoy the postmodern jukebox-like band that will play pop covers to create nostalgia for the past. If you’re feeling inquisitive, you can interact with the crew and space to unlock the submarine’s secrets. The location of the bar is a well-kept secret for now but will be announced shortly. Join the waitlist to be updated about all the upcoming information.

7. Experience Van Gogh’s art as you have never before and buy your tickets now!

The Van Gogh: Immersive Experience is coming to Philly this September in an incredible venue! The Tower Theater is one of the most iconic music venues of the city that provides an enchanting space to experience art in a unique way! You will be immersed, thanks to advanced technology and whimsical music, inside all of Van Gogh’s lively impressionist masterpieces. Buy your ticket today here!

8. Become a detective and find clues around the city to solve a murder

With the help of a guide who is the victim of a 130-year-old murder, explore Old City in search of clues, question suspects played by professional actors, who you will meet along the way, and inspect crime scenes to unveil the murderer. This 60-minute experience is fun for the whole family as you walk through the city keeping a close eye out for clues and anything abnormal. Buy your ticket for this murder mystery walkthrough here!

9. Discover Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel here in Philly

See a life-size, close-up, never-before-seen perspective of the genius masterpieces of Michelangelo coming to Philadelphia! By using a special high-definition printing technique, the ceiling paintings will be reproduced to replicate the look and feel of the original paintings. Visitors are given a chance to engage with the artwork in ways that were never before possible. Since this masterpiece is on the ceiling several feet above, it is difficult to see all the details and brushstrokes, but now you’ll be able to discover every detail of one of mankind’s greatest artistic achievements. Get on the waitlist now to be informed when this experience comes to Philly!

10. Take a sipping tour of Philly breweries

This is the perfect event for beer lovers! Immerse yourself in the impressive and renowned craft beer scene of Philadelphia with this experience. Tour the city and visit iconic breweries and taste up to 12 beer samples. Gather a group of friends and get your tickets today for this fun activity to do this September!

11. Make beer from home with this kit

If you’d prefer to stay home but still love beer, this next activity is for you. Sign up to receive a beer-making kit right to your door with virtual guided instruction on how to make beer using the ingredients in the kit. This would be a fun activity to do on a rainy September evening when you’re looking for something fun to do. Sign up today to receive your beer-making kit!

12. Participate in this underground donut tour

If beer isn’t your thing, how does a donut tour around Philly’s most iconic donut shops sound? You’ll be able to taste samples from each location’s signature donut as well as walk through the city. Many locations offer vegan, gluten, or nut-free options, however, please make sure to let them know ahead of the tour, so they can make sure to highlight those specifically for you. So, if you have a sweet tooth and want to explore the best donut shops of Philadelphia, look no further and join this unique and super fun event!

13. Visit this exposition where all the art is made of candy

Have you ever seen art completely made of candy? Now you can at Candytopia! Candytopia has dozens of interactive art installations all made of candy and taffy. You can take whimsical pictures with the art created uniquely out of candy, like flying unicorn pigs, a marshmallow pool, a giant fire-breathing candy dragon, candy recreations of famous artwork, and so much more! It’s a really cool exposition to visit if you are in need of updating your Instagram feed too since there are a lot of photo ops!

Where: 901 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA 19107

14. Spend time with your four-legged best friend at a dog park

Dog parks are not only a great opportunity for you to get some fresh air and go out of the house for a bit, it’s also good for your pupper to run around in an open space and socialize with other doggos. We have curated a list of dog parks in different neighborhoods that you can visit, but it’s important to make sure your dog is registered at the park before going, to keep your dog and others safe.

15. Watch the game at a sports bar with fans like you

With the fall season approaching it means football season is back! It is such a good feeling to walk into a sports bar and see other fans supporting the same team as you. Rallying and cheering together as your team scores a touchdown at a sports bar is a lot of fun. Go to one of the many bars on game day and watch the tense game with other enthusiastic fans just like you!

16. Support eco-friendly restaurants

The effects of climate change are ravaging the planet, and it is more important than ever to be impactful and make efforts to be more sustainable. Many restaurants are taking that step to be more eco-friendly by upgrading their infrastructure to be more sustainable and using local, organic, and vegan ingredients in their menu items. So, next time you’re in the mood to go out, check out the list above for more eco-friendly options!

17. Enjoy the last bit of summer by doing some outdoor activities

The weather will start to get cooler now that fall is around the corner, and before we know it there will be snow on the sidewalks. Take advantage of these last few weeks of summer-like weather to go outside and enjoy some activities you can only do when it’s warm out. We have created a list of ideas of things that can be done outside in Philly, check it out here!


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