7 Blooming Arboretums And Botanical Gardens To Visit In Philly

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7 Blooming Arboretums And Botanical Gardens To Visit In Philly

Philadelphia is America’s Garden Capital, and it is understandable why!

As Audrey Hepburn once said, “to plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.” Philly is a busy city so you might not think there are a lot of gardens or nature patches to visit, but there are in fact many lovely places where you can admire nature’s beauty in the city. Get a breath of fresh air at these green and floral gardens, and smell the roses… literally!

1. The Barnes Arboretum

Established in 1922 when Dr. Barnes and his wife bought this property that was lush with many kinds of trees, Laura Barnes took over the project of creating a beautiful garden while her husband focused on his art collection. This 12-acre space quickly became the home of over 2,500 varieties of plants. At this arboretum you’ll be able to visit their lilac collection, peony collection, magnolia collection, as well as discover rare trees, a hosta garden, and a medicinal plant garden. Located 8 miles from Philly, his haven amongst a busy city is the escape you need!

2. Morris Arboretum

More than 13,000 plants from 30 countries are on display at this arboretum that grows seasonal plants, so all year long you can admire lovely plants. From July to September, the hydrangeas, the butterflybushes, the chaste trees, the golden-rain trees, as well at the rose garden are in bloom. If you have a good eye, you may be able to spot some of the many birds that live in this garden or a couple of turtles who have made a home here too! Tickets must be purchased in advance and are $20 per adult and $10 for children between the ages of 3 and 17.

3. Bartram’s Garden

Located on the other side of the Schuykill River, this 50-acre public park is the perfect getaway for when you are in need of some fresh air. Bartram’s Garden’s goal is “to create equitable relationships among people and nature through immersive, community-driven experiences.” Indeed, visit the Historic Garden, learn about the healing properties of plants at the Medicinal Plant Display, and see plants you have never seen before like the Franklinia Tree or the Ginko Tree. Additionally, every so often they host a plant sale where they sell a variety of herbs, veggies, and more coming straight from their gardens. There is so much to discover at this large park!

4. Bowman’s Hill Wildflower Preserve

Located an hour drive away from Philly, their mission is to encourage the appreciation of native plants by creating this educational sanctuary for conservation and stewardship. Indeed, this “the only accredited botanical museum in the country dedicated to native plants.” Promoting native plant diversity, this 134-acre park has over 2,000 native plants growing here. All year long plants will be flourishing, so visitors can visit anytime time of year and still experience a spectacle. Currently, in bloom for the summer are a variety of pretty wildflowers flowers that you can discover through their website here.

5. 18th Century Garden

Located in the middle of Center City, next to Independence Hall, is a small sanctuary among the big city. This little park is defined by its famous gazebo where many couples have turned into fiances, as well as the remarkable architecture of the garden beds. Colorful tulips and vibrant green bushes galore in this cute park!

6. Longwood Garden

Originally, Longwood Garden was the land of the native Lenni Lenape tribe, the space has evolved into this beautiful lush garden with thousands of plants, many fountains. Currently, stunning plants are in bloom such as the Egyptian star-cluster, the ageratum also known as high tide blue, calla-lilies, orchids, roses and so many more! Plus from now until September Longwood Garden is hosting daily fountain shows for their annual Festival of Fountains. This architecturally impressive garden is a magical place to visit!

7. Camden Children’s Garden

This botanical was designed especially for children to develop their curiosity and to teach them about the importance of plants to humans and to the ecosystem. This four-acre garden, located 20 minutes away in New Jersey, is run by a non-profit environmental and educational organization called the Camden City Garden Club that expanded to create this garden in 1999. At the garden, there are rides, a dinosaur garden, a potting shed to visit, and many more fun gardens where children can learn. This is the perfect place for your children to get out of the city and discover something new.


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