5 Splendid Dog Parks To Explore With Your Pupper In Philly

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5 Splendid Dog Parks To Explore With Your Pupper In Philly

A fun park for you and your four-legged best friend!

Dog parks are so much fun for your pupper! Not only do they get to run around in an open space, play with toys, but they also get to meet new friends and enjoy being outside. It can be hard having a big dog in the city, especially if they live in an apartment. Going to the dog park is an excellent way for dogs to exhaust their energy. We have compiled five great dog parks for you to visit with your cute doggo.

1. FDR Park

FDR Park is South Philly’s largest park providing a lovely wide open space for your pupper to explore and run around in. With its many trails, you and your dog will be getting some good exercise while enjoying the weather and nature. The image attached above is Butterfinger who is currently a foster dog in need of adoption. Check out his Instagram page here and give him some love.

Where: 1500 Pattison Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19145

2. Columbus Square

Your dog will make the best of friends at this park! It has a few rules that owners and dogs must follow such as, aggressive behavior will not be tolerated by dogs or owners, puppies under 4 months old, dogs with a contagious disease, adult dogs that are not spayed or neutered are prohibited, food is prohibited, when in the park dogs must be off-leash, and when outside the park dogs must be on a leash, finally owners must clean up after their dog. With these rules are followed, it’s a great time for you and your companion

Where: 1100 Wharton St, Philadelphia, PA 19147,

3. Green Street Dog Park

This quarter-acre fenced-in park offers a safe and quiet space for all dog owners to relax and let their dog run it out. The park is divided into two, one area for big dogs, and the other for smaller dogs. Some of the features of the park are an anti-microbial green turf that is designed specifically made for dogs (K9 Grass), waste bag dispensers, lidded disposal cans, water for the doggos, and benches. The fence is electronically controlled and has a 24-hour security system in place, along with bright lights for late night trips to the park. This is such a safe park for you and our dog!

Where: 1817 Green Street, Philadelphia, PA 19130

4. Orianna Hill Park

Shaped in an L, Orianna Hill Park is shared between dogs and their owners, picnickers, and gardeners. All dogs must be registered with the Friends of Orianna Hill Park (FOOHP) before entering. A special FOOHP tag will be given to your dog for if there is ever an issue that arises, the FOOHP will be able to contact you. There are of course many rules that need to be followed while at the park, so visit their website to find out more!

Where: 901-913 N Orianna St, Philadelphia, PA 19123

5. Palmer Doggie Depot

This community park in Fishtown was built to make improvements to the Shissler Recreation Center, also known as the “Big Green Block”. Palmer Doggie Depot is a tax-exempt organization and free dog park for the whole community. They offer many community events at the park, like monthly community meetings, yard sales, dog training and so many more! Follow their Facebook account to stay up to date with the fun community happenings.

Where: 37 E Palmer St, Philadelphia, PA 19125


[Featured image: @milliefromphillly / Instagram]

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