10 Terrific Things To Do In Philly This July

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10 Terrific Things To Do In Philly This July

Summer is officially in full swing!

With the hot weather and longer days, July can sometimes feel like a difficult month to get through. When it starts to feel that way, pick one of these fun activities to do that will encourage you to fall in love with summer all over again!


1. Watch the Fourth of July fireworks at the Benjamin Franklin Parkway

With July comes America’s birthday, and with that comes a fabulous firework show! This year, people will be able to gather on Benjamin Franklin Parkway to observe the glistening firework show at the Museum of Arts. The show will light up the sky at 9:45 p.m. for a whole 15 minutes. Brought to you by Wawa Welcome Americ Festival, this spectacle is a celebration not to miss!

2. Discover the many botanical gardens and arboretums around the city

In a big city like Philly, it may be surprising that there are so many beautiful lush gardens nearby. If you are feeling in need of a refreshing outdoor adventure, visiting one of these botanical gardens or arboretums is the perfect thing to do. With some gardens that are outside of Philly and some that are in the city, there will always be a green patch to visit.

3. Enjoy ice cream from a local Philly shop

As summer is in full swing, what better dessert is there than cold tasty ice cream? We have created a list of local ice cream shops that serve some of the most delicious ice creams in the city for you to try out. With this heat, it is a must to have an ice cream cone in your hand at all times!

4. In need of an iced coffee? Visit a local coffee shop

If ice cream isn’t enough to cool you down, iced coffee can! There is an impressive number of local coffee shops in the city that you can go to instead of going to a large-scale coffee roaster. Try out one of these coffee shops that have unique and rich coffee flavors and drinks that you can get on ice to cool you down on a hot day.

5. Dine at the newly reopened cafes at the Museum of Art

[Photo by Jeffrey Totaro]
After being closed for over a year, the Philadelphia Museum of Art’s cafes and restaurant have finally reopened after renovations with a new menu and staff. Experience high-quality and elegant food chosen and prepared by the Culinary Constellation Group, which is dedicated to creating a meal sophistication like no other. The Cafe, Espresso Bar, and Balcony Cafe all have new menus with the finesse foods ready to serve visitors.

6. Feast upon a burger

If you are looking for something more casual, we have gathered 10 of the most popular and delicious burger places in the city for you to enjoy. These local restaurants specialize in creating unique burgers, garnished with fresh ingredients that create remarkable flavors in your mouth, leaving you full and satisfied!

7. Take a dip in nature’s swimming pools

Escape the city to enjoy these refreshing bodies of water outside of Philly. Take the family on a day trip to swim in cool natural waters in beautiful national parks. When the summer heat gets too unendurable, hop in the car and explore these natural places to swim and relax!

8. Go to Philly’s Taco Festival

From July 31 to August 1, indulge in Philly’s Taco Festival taking place in the Xfinity Live Stadium. Tacos from 25 of Philly’s Mexican restaurants will be serving over 75 styles of tacos during this event. Find margarita bars, a tequila exposition, churro and nacho bars and so much more at this festival celebrating Mexican culture. Different tiers of tickets are available to book now!


9. Discover this beehive experience 

Specializing in empowering people with mental health issues by connecting them to nature, building their confidence, and practicing apiary therapy, Amelia and Natasha founded Half Mad Honey. Apiary therapy is where people focus on mindfulness, grounding, distress tolerance, and emotion regulation while being around the buzzing bees in nature. This is an alternative to therapy sessions in an office or in a clinical setting. Half Mad Honey also conducts beehive tours, where you can experience what it’s like to be a beekeeper!


10. Have diner on a rooftop

Admire the beautiful skyline of Philadelphia while indulging in delicious fresh food and sipping on cold cocktails. After a busy day, it’s always so nice to go out with friends or a significant other and relish in each other’s company while enjoying a meal with a lovely city view. What is there not no love about rooftops?


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