22 Keen Advice Philadelphians Would Give You Before Moving To The City

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22 Keen Advice Philadelphians Would Give You Before Moving To The City

Are you planning on moving to Philadelphia? This article is for you!

Our followers are mostly from Philly, and when asked, on our Facebook and Instagram, what advice would they give anyone moving to the city, and they came through with honest and helpful suggestions. Below are some of the best and most insightful answers.

1. Have fun. Walk lots! Even though you are living there. Be a tourist once a month! Fabulous City

2. People will cut you off in a Wawa parking lot, but then expect everyone to hold the door open for each other when going into the same Wawa store.

3. Read local the news before you visit.

4. Learn the history of the neighborhood you’re living in. It was around before you, and will be there after you leave.

5. Always lock your car and don’t swim in the river.

6. Great restaurants, museums, bike trails, neighborhoods. Close to shore, NY, DC.

7. Buy a gun, lock your doors, join the art museum, learn about fine food, map you’re route to the shore, buy a bike, bone up on your knowledge of history, architecture, art, and professional sports as well as music!

8. Have fun, eat cheesesteaks, go down the shore. Often.

9. Look at the suburbs… then go into the city when needed.

10. Look at multiple neighborhoods before choosing. They each have their own character.

11. Be prepared to get hella parking tickets

12. Just like everywhere in the world, depends on the area

13. Philadelphia is a great city. Lots of young people. Great restaurants, lots of available outdoor activities. Like any city be aware of your surroundings.

14. Not all water ice cheesesteaks are created equal!!

15. Learn to parallel park

16. Don’t take it personally when someone pulls up behind you at a light and cuts you off to run the light

17. Research your neighborhood, parking situation, and distance to work.

18. Explore all the food and all the bars, always be smart and alert, look forward the hidden and not so hidden sparkles, Philly is full of them. And take in the people, they’re gritty but real, and mostly good.

19. Get to know the locals. Don’t forget this is the CITY, there will be noise. Don’t call the cops to harass your neighbors and their kids. If you don’t like non-white people, don’t move into a predominantly non-white area (matter of fact, don’t move here). TRY to blend in, you came to us not the other way around.

20. Someone will definitely hit your car with theirs.

21. Philadelphia is a great town and like every other city has it issues; crime, homelessness etc. Visit several neighborhoods night, day, weekends and find a neighborhood that works for you.

23. Get to know the city- it’s one of a kind!

24. Just check out the neighborhood and the availability of things like stores, dry cleaning stores, etc.


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