30 Ways To Annoy A Philadelphian In 5 Words Or Less

Lauren Piot Lauren Piot

30 Ways To Annoy A Philadelphian In 5 Words Or Less

“What does jawn even mean?” “Steak and cheese sandwich”

When you’ve been in Philadelphia for a long time, you know the city pretty much like the back of your hand. This also means that some things that happen are extremely annoying but that people from outside the city may not relate to. We asked our Facebook and Instagram followers what annoys a Philadelphian in five words or less, and they did not hold back!

1. Trash pickup was delayed again

2. Where’s 14th street?

3. I grew up in Philly… is from Phoenixville

4. “The parkway is closed” and/or “Septa is on strike”

5. What’s a Mummer?

6. ‘Jawn’ isn’t actually a word.

7. What’s up with your mascots?

8. Pat’s makes the best cheesesteaks

9. Genos has the best cheesesteaks

10. You threw snowballs at Santa

11. Ben Simmons is a treasure

12. What does jawn even mean?

13. Not called a MAC machine

14. It’s not wooder, it’s water.

15. One word is all you need….. Dallas

16. Green peppers on cheesesteaks

17. Sheets is better than Wawa

18. They’re called sprinkles, not jimmies

19. Philadelphia Parking Authority

20. You can not park here

21. How about them Cowboys

22. Steak and cheese sandwich

23. You have to take 76

24. Philly is like Brooklyn.

25. It’s called a sub

26. Snowcones

27. Construction traffic on 95

28. Swiss on a cheesesteak

29. There is always next season…..

30. Rocky is my favorite Philadelphian.


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