Discover Fairmount Park’s Hidden Gems With This Wonderful Winter Scavenger Hunt

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Discover Fairmount Park’s Hidden Gems With This Wonderful Winter Scavenger Hunt

Fairmount Park Conservancy has organized a totally fun scavenger hunt to help you uncover all its secrets!

Bundle up Philadelphians, it’s time to head out on a little nature tour! It may be a tad bit cold outside, but now that the city’s covered in a blanket of white it may be the perfect time to explore Fairmount Park in all its glory. And what better way to do that, than with a fun-filled scavenger hunt?

Fairmount Park Conservancy is holding a winter-long scavenger hunt that will take you on a themed tour across its more than 2,000 acres of land.  The WinTOUR Scavenger hunt is completely free, socially distant and its a great way to tour Fairmount even during the dead of winter.

All you need do to go on this adventure is download their app and choose one of their five themed routes which include historic homes, public art, nature, water and past & present. With a total of 80 missions, the hunt will guide you along the routes, provide fascinating information, and of course,  set you up to fun challenges and awesome photo opportunities.

On top of the totally fun time, all those who manage to finish the WinTOUR scavenger hunt will be eligible to receive a  free $35-membership to Fairmount Park Conservancy. The membership will also grant you access to year-long free activities like guided hikes, walks trail runs, yoga classes, bike rides, and more.

The scavenger hunt across Fairmount Park will be taking place through Friday, March 19, the last day of winter, and visitors can hop on the trails at any time.

Right now, the Fairmount Park Conservancy is also giving away park-themed weekly prizes. For a chance to win, you’ll have to complete the pop-up WinTOUR Weekly Challenge that is uploaded each Friday to the app, post your submission to the app and tag them on social media by Sunday at 6 p.m. Prizes include tote bags, bandanas, sweatsuits, t-shirts and more!

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[Featured image: Facebook / Fairmount Park Conservancy]

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