25 Unwritten Rules All Philadelphians Follow

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25 Unwritten Rules All Philadelphians Follow

If you’ve been in Philly long enough you know…

We asked our trusty and loyal followers on Facebook and Instagram what are some unwritten rules that all Philadelphians follow. They came through with some awesome answers that they hope tourists, and visitors respect when they’re in town.

1. The sidewalk is “the pavement” lol

2. Jawn, if ya don’t know what jawn means, google it on your jawn

3. All roads have a 60mph speed limit, especially in school zones.

4. Parking meters. You DONT park with them at the middle of your car. They should be by your front bumper or in some cases were there are 2 meters on 1 pole, the rear bumper. It’s not that difficult

5. Look both ways THREE TIMES before you step off the curb.

6. Philadelphians follow no rules. That is the unwritten rule.

7. Just slow down at a 4 way stop in South Philly. This is called the south Philly slide.

8. Never buy a hoagie at Subway!

9. It’s a hoagie, not a hero! Get it right!

10. Respecting the chair that’s saving the shoveled out parking spot

11. We say jimmies, not sprinkles. MAC card, not ATM. Hoagie, not sub or hero. Wooder, not water.

12. Cheesesteaks don’t come from GINOS, PATS, or MAXES only tourists go there

13. If you don’t like water ice, it is a sacrilege

14. In South Philly, It’s still called Delaware Avenue.

15. An undying belief that the soft pretzel from a food cart is superior to all other forms of pretzels.

16. Hold the door at Wawa… say thank you

17. “Go birds” means anything you want it to mean. Some translations: your welcome, thank you, have a great day, screw you, you’re awesome, see ya later, good night, sure.

18. If the menu/sign says “Philly” in front of “cheesesteak” don’t eat there.

19. If someone lets you into traffic, you have to wave thank you. If you don’t, the population sends bad thoughts and anger telepathically your direction.

20. Not stopping at a stop sign, just yield your way through

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21. Hate all cowboys fans

22. A beach chair reserves the spot you’ve shoveled

23. Wiz is for tourists

24. Give directions by orienting around one of the squares

25. If you shovel the spot, it’s yours!

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