This Is Philly’s Only Non-profit Cafe That You Can Support By Drinking Coffee

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This Is Philly’s Only Non-profit Cafe That You Can Support By Drinking Coffee

Looking to easily support a good cause? Buy a coffee from The Monkey and The Elephant and you’ll be supporting their nonprofit organization.

The Monkey and The Elephant is Philly’s first and only non-profit coffee shop that exclusively employs youths from the foster care system! The foster care structure is an elaborate system and once children reach the age of maturity, they are no longer eligible for support services and struggle. Indeed, according to M&E’s website 1 in 3 foster adults will live below the poverty line, 1 in 4 will be incarcerated within the first 2 years, and 40% experience homelessness. M&E set up this program to support these young adults to learn, grow and gain work experience.

Working at this coffee shop is a great work experience that gives them a start in their professional career and the confidence they need to take that step forward. Along with this program, employees complete another intensive program that develops their self-efficacy, communication, teamwork skills, professionalism, critical thinking, and problem-solving. Indeed, this supportive community helps these individuals who are more prone to failure, to rise above and make something great of themselves.

The Monkey and The Elephant serves unique and fresh coffee to make lattes, ice coffee, espresso drinks, and any other coffee-based beverage you can think of.  They also have homemade pastries like cookies, scones, muffins, and savory paninis, and breakfast sandwiches. By purchasing a drink or baked goods from this coffee shop, you are supporting and funding this wholesome program in favor of former foster care youths.

In addition to this endeavor, they support the community in another way. Every 1st Friday of the month until December 2021, the cafe turns into an open-house-style gallery. They showcase local artists’ and performers’ art in the coffee shop to give them a platform to be celebrated. In the back of their shop, they have a garden space where you can take your beverage and snack and enjoy the outside in the beautiful weather.

In all, they have only good vibes to spread and continue building their great business with an honorable mission that is worthy of your generosity! Give them a visit at 2831 West Girard Avenue, Philadelphia PA, 19130, and help support their cause!

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