The Philadelphia Zoo Welcomes Many Baby Animals

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The Philadelphia Zoo Welcomes Many Baby Animals

The Zoo has experienced a baby boom over the past couple of weeks with the new arrivals of rare and endangered baby animals!

It was a happy time at the Philadelphia Zoo this spring. Many endangered species were born into a happy and healthy environment. Vikram H. Dewan, Philadelphia Zoo President and CEO commented on this baby boom: “We are excited to announce such significant animal births. Working closely with the Species Survival Program (SSP), whose mission is to manage populations of threatened, and endangered species across AZA zoos, and maintain long-term genetic and demographic viability, the Zoo’s animal teams’ efforts resulted in incredible new additions to our Zoo family. These births are critical to each species’ overall population,”

Let’s give these babies a proper introduction!

Juice, the Humboldt Penguin

Photo and video by Philadelphia Zoo

In April, Juice was brought into the world and joined the colony at Penguin Point. Juice is being raised by foster parents who also incubated his egg and alternate taking care of him. Juice had his first physical where he got all his vaccinations and blood samples were drawn, the appointment concluded that he is a very healthy chick. By now, Juice is about 4 months old and is becoming more independent as he ventures around the exhibit to meet the other 19 Humboldt penguins.


Lei, the François Langur Monkey

Photo and video by Philadelphia Zoo

Also born in April, first-time mom Ling and dad Chester gave birth to Lei, which is Mandarin for “flower bud”. She lives in the Rare Animal Conservation Center (RACC) with her family, aunt Mei Mei and half-sister Quý Báu that was born in December 2020. François Langurs are endangered animals so it is very exciting that a baby is born. Visitors can meet Lei at the Treetop Trail.


A White-handed Gibbon

Photo by Tom Hartman

The PECO Primate Reserve has a new baby, who was born on May 21. Mother Phoenice was very protective over her new baby who holds on to her tightly never leaving her furry arms. These primates stay amongst their family group composed of the two parents and their children. This new baby has an older brother named Polaris who will help him grow up. They live in a defined part of the exhibit that they defend by chasing other Gibbons away.


A Mongoose Lemur

Photo by Philadelphia Zoo

Born on Memorial Day weekend from mom Natasha and dad Ernesto, now joins the family and its three siblings Bert, Oscar, and Zoe. Lemurs are extremely agile creatures who can jump yards away and are about the size of a house cat. As this baby grows up, it will learn to jump and run around with its siblings, but it is now still very attached to its mother as you can see in the images above. Visit this family of lemurs at the PECO Primate Reserve.


Hoffman two-toed Sloth

Photo by Philadelphia Zoo

First-time mom Latte gave birth to her baby in privacy with the zookeepers since the Small Mammal House is currently closed to visitors. The baby’s dad Jabba has been moved to another exhibit so Latte is caring for her child on her own, but the zookeepers are monitoring them closely. Their favorite pastime is cuddling together upside down hanging from a tree.


All the babies are doing great and growing up healthy, which is encouraging since all these new babies belong to endangered and rare species. Reserve your tickets here to visit all these babies and watch them grow up!


[Featured image: Tom Hartman]

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