A Dazzling New Museum Is Set To Open Its Doors To The General Public Today!

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A Dazzling New Museum Is Set To Open Its Doors To The General Public Today!

The city’s new Neon Museum is set to dazzle Philadelphians with its bright and shiny collection of old-school neon signs!

Attention Philadelphians! A shiny new museum is set to open its doors to the public next Thursday, April 15, and it’s going to be absolutely brilliant.

With a collection of over 100 vintage neon signs, the Neon Museum of Philadelphia promises to take visitors on a trip down memory lane and back to the time when corner stores and mom-and-pop shops ruled the streets of Philly.

Old-school Philly classics like the Levi’s Hot Dog sign, the Horn and Hardart sign from 30th Street Station, the Shirt Corner sign, and the original Pat’s Steak Crowns sign shine bright inside the Neon Museum’s enclave in 1800 North American street.

Alongside the dazzling neon works you’ll also find plenty of artifacts, photos, oral histories and descriptive narratives that will take you back to 20th century Philadelphia and a time when kids used to play on the streets and rowhouse living where you knew your neighbors. The museum even has its own version of death box, a popular game among Philly kids who used to play it on the street with a piece of chalk.

Created by neon-sign designer and professor Len Davison, the Neon Museum first started to take shape back in 1979 when Davidson moved back to his hometown of Philly and started scouting the city’s most iconic neon signs.

Now it is finally opening its doors to the Philadelphia public in an effort to continue preserving and promoting the city’s historic signage as an important element of community heritage. And while there’s no denying the spot makes for the perfect Instagram or video shoot opportunity, Davison’s museum also serves as a key center for promoting neon art and appreciation of 20th American roadside.


The Neon Museum of Philadelphia’s soft opening will be taking place Thursday, April 15, through Sunday, April 18, and unfortunately is now fully booked. But don’t despair! Davison has already announced he plans to give more access to the public on a limited basis in the near future with $10 tickets.

In the meantime, we’ll be staying glued to their awesome Instagram page for more dazzling neon vibes!

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[Featured image: Facebook /Neon Museum of Philadelphia]