The Philadelphia Museum Of Arts Reopens Its Cafes For The First Time Since March 2020

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The Philadelphia Museum Of Arts Reopens Its Cafes For The First Time Since March 2020

Say hello to a new high-quality food experience at the Philadelphia Museum of Arts!

Philadelphia’s Museum of Art is world-renowned and an extremely important landmark for the city. So, the food that they serve is expected to be of the highest quality and elegance. After the museum’s closure for renovations and then the pandemic closing the restaurants and cafes for over a year, the museum took these opportunities to upgrade. As of today, they are reopening their dining services with new menus, staff, and chefs that will be held to a high standard. Indeed, Constellation Culinary Group will be managing the museum’s food experience, providing a fine dining experience.

According to the museum’s press release, “regionally based chefs, artisans, bakers, and brewers will be serving local goods to museumgoers at the Café, Espresso Bar, and the newly renovated Balcony Café, which is scheduled to open in July.”

Engaging with the Philadephia Museum of Art means the Constellation Culinary Group is dedicated to creating a meal sophistication like no other. In the restaurant Café, they will be establishing a Chef in Residence program where every week a local Philly chef will take over the Local & Global station, to serve meals authentic to that chef’s specialties.

The Espresso Bar, located on the ground floor, will now offer exclusively crafted coffee from a Philadelphia-based roaster, Passero’s Coffee. Additionally, they will be serving fresh homemade pastries and even Philly’s beloved Okie Dokie‘s donuts. For the museum’s bar, The Balcony Cafe, local beer and wines will be available to pair with house-made snacks. The bar’s new design will be reopening in mid-July. These new menus will also include vegan and gluten-free options, reflecting any dietary needs for visitors and staff.

[Photo: Philadelphia Museum of Arts]
“This new series creates a cohesive experience which expands on the definition of art to include the world of culinary arts” Scott Steenrod, the managing director of Constellation said. Indeed, bringing people together around food and art is the Constellation Culinary Group’s goal.

In addition to partnering with Constellation, the Museum is also partnering with Fresh Artists, a non-profit that encourages local students to create art, that is then displayed in public buildings. Fresh Artists’ works will be showcased in the Café and interchanged every so often. This initiative allows community members to participate in not only developing their creative senses, but also give them confidence by hanging their artwork in one of the most iconic museums in the world.

To conclude, the Philadelphia Museum of Art is making efforts to introduce locality and community into their new space and creating a deeper dimension to the meaning of art.


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