Philadelphia’s Art Museum is Finally Reopening And Has A Completely New Look

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Philadelphia’s Art Museum is Finally Reopening And Has A Completely New Look

Feature image: Steve Hall © Hall + Merrick Photographers

After four years of construction and $233 million in renovations, Philly’s favorite Museum is open once again!

Philadelphia’s Museum of Art is reopening its doors on May 7th, the same day it first opened in 1877.

Architect Frank Gehry was responsible for the museum’s renovations. He created more space underneath the famous Rocky steps and maintained the classic beige stone walls that the museum has had since it was built. He also meticulously chose not to refurbish the museum’s facade, he said in a virtual press conference, “the building is such an icon of Philadelphia, it would be outrageous to think of trying to remodel the exterior of it.” Undeniably, it is the interior of the building that was his muse for his creative architectural skills.

The goal of the renovations was to open up to the interior of the museum and create more multipurpose spaces. Indeed, 20, 000 square feet of new gallery space has been added on the ground floor that was previously closed to visitors for more than three decades.

Photo: Steve Hall © Hall + Merrick Photographers

When entering, visitors are presented with the option to go to the North wing or to the South wing through the new 640 feet long vaulted hallway, the Vaulted Walkway, which crosses the length of the museum. Areas that were previously used as offices and stores have been converted into new gallery spaces, so the museum will be able to display more art! Indeed, the museum advocates that there is now 61% more space for American art, and 37% more space for contemporary art. Currently, there are 27 in-person exhibits open with a special admissions fee of a pay-what-you-want basis starting May 7th to May 10th.

Photo: Steve Hall © Hall + Merrick Photographers

These renovations took 20 years of planning and four years of construction, so Philadelphians are very excited to witness in person the new beauty given to this old museum.

Tickets are now available and the museum’s opening hours are Fridays from 10 am to 8:45 pm, Saturdays, Sundays, and Mondays from 10 am to 5 pm.

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