6 Eco-Friendly Restaurants To Support In Philly

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6 Eco-Friendly Restaurants To Support In Philly

It’s so important to make a difference and to support businesses like this!

The Intergovernmental Panel of Climate Change’s 2021 report was published a few days ago and it was not a positive report. Indeed, according to the report “it is unequivocal that human influence has warmed the atmosphere, oceans, and land.” The report continues by describing that we live in “a world whose climate system is rapidly changing, overwhelmingly due to human influence.” The U.N. Secretary-General, António Guterres described the report as “a code red for humanity.” Thus, we must make a difference in how we consume and what businesses we support. Below are some wholesome restaurants that are making an ecological difference that you should to support for the planet’s sake!

1. White Dog Cafe

Serving up seasonal food that is sustainably grown in neighboring communities, the ingredients used here are fresh and ethically sourced. This restaurant runs on renewable energy, uses LED lighting, and practices sustainable actions which is one of the most efficient ways to live a more eco-friendly life. All of their teas, coffee, and chocolate are organic and Fair Trade Certified, guaranteeing the highest quality and taste of these products. The wines served are all from American vineyards and their craft beers are from local breweries. Founded by a social activist in 1983, their endeavors to create the most environmentally friendly and ecologically sustainable restaurant possible is an awesome initiative!

Where: 3420 Sansom Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104; 200 West Lancaster Ave, Wayne, PA 19087; 379 Lancaster Ave, Haverford, PA 19041; 981 Baltimore Pike, Glen Mills, PA 19342

2. Luke’s Lobster

The seafood industry is the biggest cause of ocean pollution, thus the climate crisis. So if you’re feeling like seafood, it is important to know if the place where you are buying seafood from is ethical. For this reason, we would recommend Luke’s Lobster. Their seafood is sustainability sourced and is even Certified B Corps meaning the company “achieves social and environmental good, not just profit.” When it comes to their restaurants, they are switching to more sustainable options, like using recyclable packaging. Luke’s is a seafood place we can trust!

Where: 130 S. 17th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19103

3. Square 1682

Square 162 is another restaurant that has an eco-friendly infrastructure. Indeed, according to their website, “we employ sustainability measures throughout the restaurant, from the in-house herb garden, to the locally-sourced produce, to the energy-conscious engineering of the building design.” They serve gluten-free and vegetarian options for all clientele’s dietary preferences. Support their cause by dining here!

Where: 121 South 17th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19103

4. Franny Lou’s

Fannie Lou Hammer was an activist during the Civil Rights movement in Mississippi and gave her name to this wholesome coffee shop that specializes in community activism and cultural awareness. Indeed, this coffee shop is a vehicle for sharing radical ideas and creating business relations. They strive to eliminate the usage of fossil fuels, supporting local businesses, and using ingredients from ethical farms. Indeed, they “care about people & the earth. [they] support communities of farmers directly and practice waste free & compost culture.” What a wholesome place to support and sip on some delicious coffee!

Where: 2400 Coral Street, Philadelphia, PA 19125

5. Bareburger

Creating a cleaner food system is Bareburger’s main goal. By using sustainable food from farms, they have a menu that’s one-third vegetarian and plant-based. Indeed, meat produces a large greenhouse gas footprint, so meat consumption is not the best for the plant. Eating plant-based for only two-thirds of meals can reduce carbon emission from food by 60%! So even occasionally eating plant-based can make a big difference! Bareburger’s infrastructure is also made with reclaimed and recycled materials, creating a vibrant and unique space to enjoy an eco-friendly meal.

Where: 1109 Walnut St, Philadelphia, PA 19101

6. Good Karma Cafe

Aspiring to uphold “economic parity, sustainable ecology, and genuine relationships” Good Karma Cafe makes a difference with every cup of coffee and pastry served. All ingredients used are fresh from local farms, their coffee is 100% organic and Fair Trade Certified. They also practice eco-friendly and sustainable initiatives in their business. Indeed, Good  Karma is making strides to be more sustainable and we love that! This is an excellent business where you should get your next cup of coffee at.

Where: 331 S. 22nd. St, Philadephia, PA 19103; 928 Pine St. Philadelphia, PA 19107; 2319 Walnut St., Philadelphia, PA 19103


[Featured image: @whitedogphilly / Instagram]

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