Philly Has The Best Roads In America According To The US Chamber of Commerce

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Philly Has The Best Roads In America According To The US Chamber of Commerce

Other cities must have it much worst.

You’ve probably worried before after your car has hit a pothole and hope you won’t find a dent anywhere, but it seems like other cities have it much worst if Philadelphia’s roads are ranked the best.

The US Chamber of Commerce did a study about the quality of American roads in light of people going back to the office to make sure the roads are in adequate condition for the inevitable rush hour that comes with commuting. This test comes at a perfect time as people began to rejoin in offices after a year of working from home, so roads weren’t used as often.

Indeed, it was found that Philadelphia has the best roads. According to the US Chamber of Commerce’s report “Philadelphia’s roadways ranked best for road infrastructure in a study of 20 major metropolitan areas by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation and partner RoadBotics, a Pittsburgh-based tech startup specializing in artificial intelligence (AI). ”

They conducted this test by analyzing 71 road miles in the city and detected that Philly’s streets are in great condition and “scored the highest of all cities in [the] analysis with an overall score of 1.74.” The city has an average revenue of $1,145 per capita which is quite high, which also explains why the roads are well taken care of. Residence disagreed with the result of this study, so the Street Department defended themselves announcing they’ve filled up over 31,000 potholes this year so far.

The second-rated best roads in the country are in Jacksonville, Florida, with “only 8% of their links rating no worse than 2.00.”

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