6 Breathtaking Places to Watch the Sunset in Philly

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6 Breathtaking Places to Watch the Sunset in Philly

Enjoy the vibrant spectacle and discover Philly at the same time

Sunsets are a beautiful phenomenon that can be observed on a clear evening, at a certain time, and looking towards the West. However, sunsets do not last long and punctuality is key as not to miss the vibrant spectacle. Make sure to check the time of the sunset here. Below are some charming places around the city where the sunset can be admired.

1. Cira Green

This urban park located in West Philadelphia’s University City District is elevated, allowing for a panoramic view of the city and, if caught at the right time, the sunset.

2. On the steps of the Museum of Art

Watch as day turns to night in front of one of Philly’s most iconic buildings, with a lovely view of the city.

3. At Fairmount Park

This park follows along the Schuylkill River and is the perfect spot if you want to go for a walk as the sun sets in the distance, or sit on a bench and take in the colorful sky.

4. Camden Waterfront

This waterfront is located right at the border of New Jersey on the Delaware River. This a very pleasant area to observe the wonders of Golden Hour over Philadelphia.

5. From any rooftop

At a certain height beyond the tall buildings and at an exact time, the sunset will be able to be seen towards the West. Discover wonderful rooftop restaurants in this article.

6. FDR park

This park is another stunning place to watch the spectacular sun while wandering around a park.


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