10 Best Burger Spots In Philadelphia

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10 Best Burger Spots In Philadelphia

If you aren’t already craving a burger, you definitely will by the end of this article!

In an Instagram questionnaire, we asked our followers what is their favorite burger place in Philly. They came through and we compiled those answers in an article for an easy guide to the best burgers according to Philadelphians.


1.Lucky’s Last Chance

This place was by far the most recommended burger place of the questionnaire. And after looking over their menu it is obvious why this place is so popular. With 19 massive and creative burgers on their menu, as well as 8 hot dogs to choose from, there is something for everyone! As well as their variety of Almost Famous Mak & Cheese and Fries & Tots, this is the place to satisfy your fast food craving!


2. Village Whiskey

This sophisticated restaurant has the classic burgers that we all know and love, the original one patty or two patties, the turkey burger, the veggie burger. However, they have one particular flavored burger that gave its name to this joint: The Whiskey King, described as having a “maple bourbon glazed cipollini, Roth moody blue cheese, applewood bacon, foie gras”. Indeed, for $26 this burger is worth it!


3. Johnny Brenda’s

Located on Frankfort Ave N, this local pub has burgers and a whole lot of appetizers to choose from. Their most unique burger is the Broadwalk Crab Cake Sandwich with lemon aioli, arugula, tomato, all on a brioche bun with fries on the side. Combine this scrumptious burger with one of their many sides for an ultimate filling meal.


4. Stockyard

All their ingredients are locally sourced and from ‘farm to table’. This restaurant sells sandwiches for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! Starting with breakfast, their breakfast menu is a build your own breakfast sandwich with many options you will fir sure like. For lunch and dinner, they serve 10 kinds of burgers to choose from, all of them with many healthy toppings from local farms. So you can pig out, and still be healthy at the same time.


5. P’unk Burger

At this restaurant in South Philly, they vow that their meat is “humanely-raised, grass-fed cows that are antibiotic, pesticide, and hormone-free. Our seafood is wild-caught. Our sodas are fair trade. Our ice cream is locally sourced.”  You can either build your own burger or order a la carte from their 15 burger selections including a beyond burger for a vegan option. They also serve shakes and floats that pair incredibly well with burgers.


6. Ummi Dee’s

With the mission to revolutionize the fast-food industry through quality, convenience, and community, “while equally ensuring to never compromise our ethical roots”, this is where “real food meets fast food.” Ummi Dee’s serves gourmet burgers, sandwiches, salmon steaks, fries, and handcraft milkshakes.


7. Spot Gourmet Burgers

What started out as a food truck, evolved into one of Philly’s most established burger joints. All of their burgers are 100% fresh ground sirloin beef too. With original menu items such as The Jawn, which is a quarter-pound ribeye, sloppy joe meat with fries, Cheez Whiz, red onion, grilled onion, and Spot sauce, that was featured in Philadelphia Magazine in 2016, no wonder this is a distinguished place in Philadelphia! Pair your burger with a side of cheese fries, sloppy cheese fries, or cheesesteak fries for an ultimate Philly-centric meal!


8. Standard Tap

When they opened in 1999, their goal was to create a neighborly place where people can come together around a good beer and delicious food. Indeed, their food menu “both complements the beer and expands the notion of what pub food can be.” They use seasonal and local produce to serve high-quality food and they support initiatives like Buy Fresh Buy Local and Greensgrow Farms. Serving a variety of sandwiches and sides this place will leave you feeling full and happy!


9. Monk’s Cafe

Monk’s burger menu is really simple, you pick the burger you want, then add your topping selection. Choose from Bruges, sauteed mushrooms and gruyere, or Ghent, sauteed broccoli rabe with garlic and cheddar, or even Monk’s caramelized leeks and blue cheese. This pub-style cafe also has a large variety of draft beers and wines to pair with your big burger.


10. Baby Buns

Baby Buns serves 9 different kinds of burgers and sliders all with unique flavor combinations that will make your taste buds dance. Such as the TFC Burger, made with Taiwanese fried chicken, chipotle mayo, tomatoes, and house-made pickles on a brioche bun, or the Truffle Shuffle Slider, a Kobe beef patty, truffle sauce with American cheese on a brioche bun. They also serve plant-based burgers for our vegan friends out there. If that isn’t enough, order churros off their dessert menu. Indeed, there is a reason this place has such raved reviews!


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