8 Stunning Murals Celebrating Women In Philadelphia

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8 Stunning Murals Celebrating Women In Philadelphia

Happy Women’s History Month!

March may soon be coming to an end and with it so will Women’s History Month, but we continue to celebrate the women of Philadelphia and so we’ve rounded up some  of Philly’s most vibrant and beautiful murals celebrating some of Philly’s great female figures and fantastic women that make up the fabric of the city!

1. Untitled, Amy Sherald

Known for her breathtaking portrait of First Lady Michelle Obama, artist Amy Sherald brings a touch of color to Philadelphia with her larger-than-life portrait is of Najee S., a young Philadelphian and participant in our art education program. Like her Obama portrait, Sherald’s mural looks to challenge ideas about identity and the public gaze.

Where: 1118 Sansom St.

2. Marian Anderson, Marian Anderson Recreation Center

Located just at the entrance of the Marian Anderson Recreation Center, this mural celebrates the renowned singer and civil rights activist.

Where:740 S 17th St.

3.  The Evolving Face of Nursing, Meg Saligman


Created by world-renowned muralist, Meg Saliman, this gorgeous mural celebrates the invaluable role that nurses have played, and continue to play today, in the history of the city.

Where: 300 N Broad St.

4.  Women in Progress, Cesar Viveros Herrera and Larissa Preston

This beautiful mural by Viveros and Preston pays tribute to all those women who have gone down unnamed and unacknowledged in history.

Where: 1307 Locust St.

5. Pioneering Women from A to Z, Shira Walinsky

From A to Z this mural by Shira Walinsky features pioneering pilots, activists, teachers, explorers, artists, and many more!

Where: 4400 Haverford Avenue

6. Peace is a Haiku Song, Joshua Sarantitis and Parris Stancell

Dedicated to Philly’s famous poet and activist, Sonia Sanchez, this vibrant mural also features quotes from literary legends Alice Walker and Toni Morrison.

Where: 1245 Christian St, Philadelphia, PA 19147.

7. You Go Girl,  Jetsonarama and Ursula Rucker

This gorgeous mural depicts Ursula Rucker a spoken word artist, born and raised in Philadelphia.

Where: 1531 Ridge Avenue.

8. Tribute to Harriet Tubman, Sam Donovan

Focusing on Harriet Tubman, this mural also celebrates many others figures who led the fight against slavery and for equal rights. 

Where: 2950 Germantown Ave.

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[Featured image: Steve Weinik via Mural Arts Philadelphia]