8 Beautiful Places To Go Hiking Around Philadelphia

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8 Beautiful Places To Go Hiking Around Philadelphia

Time to go hiking Philadelphians!

Exploring the great outdoors has become a new socially-distant favorite for many of us. We mean… with soo many beautiful places around Philly how could it not, right? That’s why we’ve come up with eight stunning trails to go hiking around Philly and explore the local wilderness.

We’ve organized our list of stunning hiking spots around the city from easiest to hardest to make the decision of where to go easier. Oh and don’t forget to bring your camera with you ’cause these gorgeous trails serve some equally gorgeous views! Check them out:

1. Schuykill River Trail

Perfect for those wanting to get their steps in without leaving the city, the Schuykill River Trail is perhaps the easiest trail on our list. Spanning 140 miles from downtown Philly to Landingville, PA, this wonderful trail offers stunning skyline views as well as lush forests and wild nature. Plus, if you make it to the Manayunk area you can always check out the hidden steps that connect the trail with the main street, they’ll make you feel like you’re walking on water.

2. Ringing Rocks Trail

This rather short trail (it’s only 0.7 miles) in Ringing Rocks County Park holds a pretty awesome surprise at the end. Not only is it a good workout despite its short length but it also leads to a stunning rock field covered in rocks that literally sing when hit, making it one of the coolest trails to check out around Philadelphia.

3. Valley Forge Historic Trail

This one’s for our history lovers.  Full of revolutionary era log cabins and homes, this 7.7-mile trail in Valley Forge National Historic Park is perfect for exploring both the history and nature of Pennsylvania. Plus, it’s mostly flat and accessible for all hikers, so it’s perfect for a casual stroll and a day full of adventure!

4. Mount Misery

Don’t let its name deter you, the Mount Misery trail is actually quite a good walk to help disconnect from the city’s hustle and bustle. Also located in Valley Forge Park, this 2.9-mile trail will take you through the mount’s beautiful forests so you can enjoy nature and explore some awesome ruins along the way. If you feel like venturing out, this trail will also connect you to several other trails in the park including the Horseshoe Loop or Mount Joy.

5. Mount Tammany

Located on the New Jersey side of the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area, Mount Tammany boasts beautiful views of Mount Minsi, the river and valleys below, and the colorful wooded areas nearby. Just make sure you wear comfortable hiking boots and you’re ready to climb because this 2.9-mile trail has some serious inclines! And if you’re feeling extra active, why not check out its sister trail on Mount Minsi, that way you get the best of both mounts!

6. Wissahickon Gorge North Loop

This unique trail in Valley Forge offers everything you can imagine all the way from historic ruins and statues to a gorgeous creek full of waterfalls. It’s rocky terrain, gravel paths and steep slopes offer a bit of a work out though, so be ready for the climb!

7. The Pinnacle Trail

A gorgeous reward awaits at the end of the Pinnacle trail for those who are willing to work for it. This 10-mile trail in Kempton, PA, boasts some breathtaking views from its rocky, umm, pinnacle and is better suited to slightly more experienced hikers as it is fairly long and quite strenuous at times. The Pinnacle is also a popular area with hunters so be sure to wear bright, visible colors while hiking.

8. Loyalsock Trail

We’ve made it to the hardest trail on our roundup! The Loyalsock trail will take your breath away in more ways than one, offering a gorgeous trip through stunning backcountry. At 54.2 miles long, this trail is best suited for expert hikers as it usually takes a minimum of 4 days to complete. You’ll need to gather your camping gear and get ready for it, but the breathtaking views are totally worth the drive!

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