30 Of The Best Responses To “Tell Me You’re From Philly Without Telling Me You’re From Philly”

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30 Of The Best Responses To “Tell Me You’re From Philly Without Telling Me You’re From Philly”

How many of these expressions will you relate to?

This jawn is a whole world in itself. From wooder ice to the superiority of Wawa, there are just some things that people living in Philly will truly understand. We wanted to know exactly what those things are, so we asked our readers the question… and boy, did they deliver. Without further ado, here are our Instagram and Facebook followers’ best responses to “Tell me you’re from Philly without telling me you’re from Philly”:

1. It is a Hoagie, not a sub, not a hero, a hoagie.

2. Whiz Wit

3. MAC Machine not ATM

4. Rita’s Wudder ice

5. It’s not downtown, it’s Center City

6. Grew up loving water ice & soft pretzels and still do

7. You eat scrape and called everything a jawn

8. Irish potatoes are a dessert

9. Mondee, Tuesdee, Wednesdee, Thursdee, Fridee!!!

10. “Yeah, no” means No and “No, yeah” means “Yes”

11. Soft pretzels for a snack at school

12. Getting a hot sausage and a soft pretzel at a food cart, not truck

13. Wit wiz or widdout

14. Going down the shore/ downashore

15. Jimmies! not sprinkles

16. I have a lawn chair to hold my parking spot.

17. Let’s ride down South Street to blast music and go 5 miles an hour with no parking in sight

18. Wawa > Sheets/Turkey Hill/QuikTrip/7eleven

19. “Bang a u-ey”

20. Sko Birds!

21. You going to the jawn at hunninnton park, young bul?

22. I’ll have a cheesesteak Wit

23. I hate my job and will complain about it every damn day. However, i will never quit.

24. Let’s go to Rita’s for some wooder ice

25. My kids, favorite lullaby? Fly Eagles Fly

26. I’m not angry this is just how I talk

27. Gritty is my stepdad

28. I’ma head over to the Ac-a-me. If u need anything from the grocery store let me know

29. I’ll have a city wide

30. I wasn’t hungry so I just had a salit.


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