You Could Be The Next Owner Of The Iconic ‘Silence Of The Lambs’ House

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Buffalo Bill Mansion In Perryopolis

If you’re hunting for the ultimate haunted house, we might have just found the place for you.

Buffalo Bill’s spooky mansion on Silence of the Lambs has been put on sale just in time for Halloween! The house sits on a 1.7-acre estate in Perryopolis, PA, and is located about an hour south of Pittsburgh and approximately four hours away from Philly.

The iconic property featured in Silence of the Lambs as Buffalo Bill’s creepy home and much of its original fixtures, which appear on the 1991 classic, are still easily recognizable.

The foyer and the kitchen still have its original hardwood floors, wallpaper and woodwork dating back to 1910 when the house was built and look pretty much the same as they did in the movie when Clarice confronts Buffalo Bill!

Although the house’s basement doesn’t actually have a well (that part of the movie was filmed in a studio) it still has a pretty spooky cellar type space which more than makes up for the lack of a well!

The famous residence has been on sale in the past, in fact, PETA actually considered buying it in 2016. The non-profit wanted to turn into a so-called “Empathy Museum” where visitors could try on the skin of mistreated animals just like Buffalo Bill wore that of his victim — a rather ingenious albeit incredibly creepy idea!

The Victorian-style home of the psychotic serial killer, Buffalo Bill,  is now looking for its new owner and could be yours for the price of $298,500. So what do you say? Will you get your hands on this totally awesome and totally creepy “haunted” house?

[Featured image: Allan Assad Team]

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