The Philadelphia Zoo Now Has…Dinosaurs?

Lauren Piot Lauren Piot

The Philadelphia Zoo Now Has…Dinosaurs?

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Dinosaurs and a pledge for a better tomorrow.

The Philadelphia Zoo now has something new (but that dates back to 66 million years ago) in store for visitors. Presenting BIG TIME, an immersive multi-sensory outdoor experience where visitors time travel back to the prehistoric era of the dinosaurs. 24 life-size animatronic creatures will greet you as you walk through this path of Life in an Endangerous Age.

Children and adults can learn about these extinct creatures in an engaging way. Stand in front of a 15 foot T-Rex or a 98-foot-long Alamosaurus, and observe the details on these incredibility realistic dinosaurs. The park is organized by category of dinosaur; starting off with Volcano Vapors, then passing by Prehistoric Passage, then Migration Maneuvers Madagascar, and so much more.

The tour ends with a Pledge for Today, an interesting and creative addition to bring awareness to the climate crisis and species extinction. Indeed, like the dinosaurs, many species nowadays are disappearing but this time due to climate change caused by humans. The pledge encourages “each of us can take action for a future in which people and animals can thrive together. Make your pledge for today to ensure a better tomorrow for humans, wildlife, and wild places.” A hopeful plea after walking through life-size replicas of extinct species. Thus, the goal of his exhibit is not only to teach children and adults about prehistoric creatures but also to encourage them to care for the environment, because if they don’t, many species will go extinct like the dinosaurs.

The Zoo is also serving creative dinosaur-themed food and drinks at the new dining location called Dino Bites. Menu items include Brontosaurus BBQ Burgers or T-Rexican. There is also a beer garden, demonstrating that this exhibit is not only for children.

Open every day from 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. tickets must be purchased in advance and is not included in the general admission of the Zoo.



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