Experience Van Gogh In A Whole New Light At This Stunning Exhibit Now Open In Philadelphia

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Experience Van Gogh In A Whole New Light At This Stunning Exhibit Now Open In Philadelphia

Step into artistic masterpieces by Vincent Van Gogh at this stunning art exhibit that’s come to Philadelphia!

Artwork from the iconic post-impressionist painter Vincent Van Gogh will come to life in a 360-degree digital spectacle that’ll illuminate and transforms the physical space of the Tower Theater into a fully immersive exhibit. You’ll see Van Gogh’s work take over the walls and encompass your surroundings through the lenses of several dozen projectors, hyper-realistic VR headsets, or a mix of both.

Tickets are on sale now and you can snag yours, here!

After successful exhibits in London, Barcelona and a number of other cities around the world, the time has finally come for the spectacular exhibition to make its way to the States. The multisensory journey through these famous bodies of work is an entirely new way of experiencing art, bringing every stunning detail to life like never before. With an epic start in Atlanta and a handful of other cities across the U.S., it’s finally arrived in Philadelphia! 

Tickets for Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience have finally been released in Philadelphia

Using technology to recreate animated displays of these masterpieces you’ll be immersed directly into the paintings themselves, looking up at a Starry Night and watch the stars dance around the room in Van Gogh’s iconic style.

We’ve already added this extraordinary art experience to our 2021 bucket list—so Gogh grab your tickets, here, so you can add it to yours!

Don’t miss out on this incredible multisensory extravaganza. Get your tickets here!

Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience