10 Times People Hilariously Misspelled ‘Vincent van Gogh’ On Twitter

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10 Times People Hilariously Misspelled ‘Vincent van Gogh’ On Twitter

Van Gogh is not an easy name to pronounce nor is it easy to spell it apparently.

We all still struggle with our Dutch from time to time, especially when it comes to pronouncing the name of  Vincent Van Gogh. But one thing we could all agree on until now was how to spell the artist’s name correctly, or so we thought.

Whether it was a mental lapse, a momentary distraction, or unusually fast typing skills that led them to commit these grammatical crimes, the following Twitter users left us baffled, confused and amazed by the many creative ways in which one can spell Van Gogh’s name wrongly.  And in honor of the breathtaking Van Gogh immersive exhibit coming to town this June we simply could not go without sharing these 10 tweets with you. So without further ado, here are ten times people misspelled ‘Van Gogh’ that made us chuckle.

1. It’s written “Picasso” but it’s pronounced “Van Gogh”

2. This user just woke up and chose violence.

3. So many renowned personalities were affected by epilepsy and apparently so was Vincent Can Gogh…

Some say that Vincent Van Gogh also suffered from epilepsy.

4.  Apparently Irving Stone also wrote a biographical novel on the lesser-known Dutchman, Vincent Van High…

2.  Back at it with Vincent Van High!

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6. A little artistic license never hurt anybody!


8. The extra ‘u’ isn’t what worries us the most about this thread though…We hope, they’re ok.


9. Misspellings and missing ears… They go hand in hand.

10. And last but not least, we’ll give this user a pass for their excellent eye for casting, Domnhall Gleeson would make a wonderful Van Gogh.

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