LUMA Festival Is Coming To Illuminate NY With A Multi-Sensory Light Show

Wassim Abdul Khalek Wassim Abdul Khalek

LUMA Festival Is Coming To Illuminate NY With A Multi-Sensory Light Show

LUMA will transform Binghamton into an augmented reality unlike anything you’ve ever seen!

The stunning LUMA festival is coming with a larger-than-life light show just three hours north of Philadelphia! For their seventh annual projection arts fest, the buildings of downtown Binghamton will be taken over with breathtaking 3D projections on the weekend of September 10th and 11th. So get your FREE tickets here and secure your spot!

With its lineup of internationally-renowned artists and its cutting edge technology, this spectacular projection mapping experience uses the same technology as at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom, and on the facade of Chicago’s Merchandise Mart. And if you’ve never been it’s certainly worth the weekend getaway.

To clarify, projection mapping is a state-of-the-art technology that turns any physical object — even as massive as the Philadelphia City Hall — into a surface that’ll immerse you into whatever world is created before you. This incredible animation used by LUMA is undoubtedly changing the way we experience digital displays.

This year, LUMA is adding two new talented artists to its team, for a total of 5 artists from around the world:

  • Sila Sveta (Moscow, Russia) makes its debut with Nevermore—a feature inspired by the American master of the macabre, Edgar Allan Poe. You will experience a tantalizing raven coming to life 3 stories tall. It is a production that is half built by human beings and half by AI. It’s a visual conversation between man and machine unlike anything you’ve ever seen in large-scale projection mapping.
  • LightHarvest (Brooklyn, New York) takes you on a quest that will bring you closer to the truth with Firefly—every crevice revealed by the warm autumn glow brings you closer to the truth. Every riddle solved shows more landscape beyond. And just when you think all is revealed, the energy hiding beneath launches the journey anew.
  • The Invisible Showman (Chicago) introduces a man whose talents take various forms, targeting different audiences and delighting every age. One moment a digital illusionist, the next a king of comedy. A voice for song like none you’ve heard–he’s better than real.
  • Mindscape (Bucharest, Romania) thrives to make sense of the universe we are part of with Cosmogonia—a deep belief that an unimaginable journey awaits us. From a billion-year of transformations, someday, somewhere something just beyond our comprehension is waiting to transform our understanding of everything we have ever known.
  • Maxin10sity (Budapest, Hungary) is a “master of 3D architectural transformation” and this year they will present Cheerful Nightmares—a trip to an otherworldly amusement park where the laws of nature do not apply. Maxin10sity transforms 95 Court in a tribute to a classic county carnival with a frightful twist–one that has you asking if the rides are only there to quicken your pulse, or for some more devious design.

Here’s a look at one of the renderings we can expect to come to life at this year’s show!!

Now is your chance to get your FREE tickets for the spectacular LUMA festival. Due to popular demand, more tickets will be released so invite everyone you know to sign up with you and watch some of Binghamton’s massive buildings transform into captivating, immersive masterpieces!

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