This Cookie Speakeasy Hides Inside A Famous Late-Night Bakery In East Passyunk

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This Cookie Speakeasy Hides Inside A Famous Late-Night Bakery In East Passyunk

Get your mad scientist and cookie expert skills to the test at Insomnia’s top-secret CookieLab in East Passyunk!

You may have noticed that a new Insomnia Cookies opened last Saturday, April 24, in East Passyunk, but this new location of Philly’s famous late-night bakery isn’t just your average cookie store. That’s because hidden inside the bakery’s new location lies the top-secret CookieLab speakeasy where cookie lovers will be able to try their hand at cookie creating and sample one-of-a-kind treats!

A Wonka factory meets mad scientist lab, the CookieLab is an experiential cookie speakeasy that invites visitors to customize their very own cookies and monster milkshakes as well as try unique cookie concoctions available only at the CookieLab.

On their menu, you’ll find mouthwatering options like  “Fluffernutter”, stuffed with peanut butter and marshmallow baked into their classic dough, “Blueberry Pancake” with fresh blueberries and maple syrup, and “White Chocolate Mocha” made with a double chocolate dough mixed with espresso and white chocolate.

To jazz things up you can also try other fun creations like the “Galaxy”  double Chocolate Chunk Cookie with purple buttercream, white chocolate chips and galaxy sprinkles, or the “Snickerdoodle-est” cookie topped with a layer of cream cheese icing, cinnamon chips, streusel, and caramel drizzle. If their exclusive cookies don’t satisfy your cravings you can always give “cookievating” a go and come up with your own exclusive cookie flavor as well!

Like any good speakeasy, the CookieLab also comes arm with a bar full of delightful drinks to help you wash down all the cookies. While no alcoholic options are on offer, their “milk bar” does have plenty of milk options, dairy-free alternatives and show-stopping milkshakes to pair with your cookie — Think over-the-top, decadent topped with heaps of whipped cream, cookie sandwiches and more!

In order to access this secret but not-so-secret CookieLab, all you need do is enter Insomnia Cookie’s bakery on 833 Wharton Street and head on over to the inconspicuous bookshelf to enter this magical cookie world. Those of you who would rather avoid indoor spaces but still want to sample CookieLab’s unique creations can also head around the corner to their secret alley window where CookieLab scientists will dispense you will all the goodies!

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Practical information

CookieLab (dining) - 11am - 3am CookieLab (alley) - 24 hours

[Featured image courtesy of Insomnia Cookies]

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