This Beehive Experience Empowers People Who Struggle With Mental Health Issues • Half Mad Honey

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This Beehive Experience Empowers People Who Struggle With Mental Health Issues • Half Mad Honey

Half Mad Honey is a small business that has the wholesome goal to empower people with mental health issues through the therapeutic factors of beekeeping.

Founded by Amelia and Natasha Pham, two lovers passionate about beekeeping and bettering the community, they created this business to bring awareness to the importance of mental health wellness and that therapy can go beyond clinical settings. Half Mad Honey is a safe space for anyone to learn about the importance of bees, to connect with nature, but also to build confidence in themselves.

This brand new business established in 2021, and there isn’t a better time to have started this incredible enterprise! With the diminishing bee population but the high demand for honey, this new generation of beekeepers is changing the face of the beekeeping and honey business. Being a part of the queer community Natasha and Amelia are creating a more diverse, younger, and more inspired community open to agriculture and apiculture.

Apiary therapyis an outdoor therapy session that focuses on mindfulness, grounding, distress tolerance, and emotion regulation while being around the buzzing bees. This experience can be conducted between peers or with a licensed therapist. This method of therapy is an alternative to clinical sessions that take place in an office or room, and can be more effective for certain people. Sessions can be reserved on the third weekend of every month from June to October.

The business name “Half Mad Honey” comes from the derogatory term for mentally unwell people “mad” and from an amber-colored Turkish honey called “mad honey” which has hallucinatory properties. They “wanted to incorporate both beekeeping and mental health to destigmatize the ‘madness.’ ”

In addition to teaching about beekeeping and apiary therapy, they also give hive tours, and of course, they sell honey and honey-made and hand-made products like lip-balm and healing salve. Visiting their hive is an excellent and educational activity to try out this summer! Not only do you get to support Amelia and Natasha’s dream, you also strengthen the bee population.

Now with the more than ever need to protect the environment, and the growing awareness towards the importance of mental health, this business is more relevant than ever! Visit their website and support their wholesome small business this summer!

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